Privacy policy

I. Introduction

Climate Alliance takes the protection of your personal data extremely seriously and abides strictly by the provisions of the data protection laws.

Our website can generally be used without providing any personal data. Insofar as personal data (e.g. your name, address or email address) is requested on our website, provision of such information is, as far as possible, always on a voluntary basis and only to the extent that is technically necessary. Under no circumstances will the data obtained be sold to third parties or passed on for any other reason.

Please be aware that security loopholes may arise during the transmission of data via the internet (e.g. communication via email). Unfortunately, we are unable to protect data entirely against access by third parties.

II. Details

An overview of how we ensure protection of your personal data and what type of information is collected for which purpose is provided below.


1. Data processing on this website

For technical reasons, Climate Alliance automatically collects and saves information received from your browser in its server log files. This includes the following information:

Browser type/version
Operating system used
Referrer URL (website previously visited)
Host name of the accessing computer (IP address)
Date and time of server query
Files accessed
Data volume sent

Climate Alliance is not able to attribute this data to a specific person, nor is this data combined with any other data sources. All data will be deleted following a statistical analysis.


2. User accounts

We collect and use personal data to facilitate your use of our website. To create a user account, you will need to sign up and enter a username. It is possible to use your real name or a pseudonym as your username; please note that the same username cannot be assigned more than once! Neither your email address nor your password will be made public. This email address can be used by us and/or your local CITY CYCLING coordinator(s) to send you the CITY CYCLING newsletter along with other relevant information.

Cyclists retain their user access, which means that it is not necessary to sign up again for the CITY CYCLING campaign every year. To ensure the efficient use of storage capacities, we reserve the right to delete user accounts that have not been accessed for two or more years. The same applies for inactive accounts for which registration has not been confirmed.

Please choose a secure password and do not share this with anyone else. Only in this way can your identity be protected.

By order of competent authorities, we are permitted to share personal and/or user-related information in individual cases insofar as this is necessary for law enforcement, to avert danger, to fulfil the statutory tasks of the authorities for protection of the constitution or counter-intelligence, or to enforce intellectual property rights.


3. Cookies

In order to extend the functionality of our website and to make the use of our website more convenient for you, we use so-called “cookies”. These help make our offers more user-friendly, effective and secure. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded on your computer and saved by your browser. Most of the cookies that we use are so-called “session cookies”, which will automatically be deleted when your visit to the website ends. Cookies do not damage your computer or contain any viruses. You are able to prevent cookies from being stored on your computer by changing the appropriate settings in your browser. However, please note that doing so may limit the functionality of our website.



The GPS data for routes recorded by CITY CYCLING app users will not be transmitted to Climate Alliance or any other third parties.

The information provided on the RADar! reporting platform will be transmitted to the report coordinator as well as to the system and made available to the responsible municipality for processing.


5. Right to information

You have the right to information on the data stored on your person, its recipients and the purpose of storage at all times. Upon request, this information can also be provided electronically. For details of the data stored, please contact the Data Protection Officer at Climate Alliance, Dr. Wolfgang Hofstetter (


6. Further information

Your trust is important to us. Which is why we are on hand at all times to answer any questions you may have regarding processing of your personal data. Should you still have questions or would like further information on a specific aspect after reading this privacy policy, then please do not hesitate to contact the Data Protection Officer at Climate Alliance, Dr. Wolfgang Hofstetter (