And here are the prizes …

CITY CYCLING bicycle bags

To ensure all essential items arrive safely at your place of work, the waterproof "Downtown" bicycle bag from Ortlieb manufactured exclusively for the CITY CYCLING campaign attaches securely to all standard bicycle paniers (up to 16 mm in diameter). Making it the ideal bag for all municipal politicians and cycling enthusiasts on their (bike) journey to work!

The highest ranking municipalities will receive up to three bags, each of which is worth €120. All CYCLE STARS will also receive a bicycle bag as an added incentive!

Cycle computer for CYCLE STARS

Each of our CYCLE STARS will be presented with a wireless "Cateye Velo Wireless+ CC-VT 210 W" bicycle computer worth €35 from Paul Lange & Co.! With a clearly legible screen, all of the standard cycling stats are shown, along with calory consumption and the CO2 emissions avoided – providing CYCLE STARS with the perfect motivation to cover even more kilometres by bike!

Company pedelec for the most active municipal parliament

A special prize of a top-of-the-range e-bike with an eBike drive system worth approx. €2,500 from Stevens Bikes and Bosch awaits one of the most active municipal parliaments. Built-in tailwind is guaranteed – and sweating becomes a thing of the past! The pedal electric cycle, or pedalec for short, goes to the winning municipality as a company pedelec to allow as many people as possible to enjoy this ‘electrifying’ cycling experience. Now there really aren’t any more excuses for not using a bike for business travel!

Top-of-the-range bicycle for one lucky CYCLE STAR

Every CYCLE STAR is a winner, hence an absolutely top-of-the-range bicycle from Stevens Bikes worth €2,500–3,000 (according to availability) will be raffled off among all of the CYCLE STARS! The lucky winner is free to decide whether they would like a "normal" bicycle or a pedelec with an eBike drive system from our campaign supporter, Bosch! Leaving simply everyone wishing they were a STAR of the CITY CYCLING campaign!

Which bike would you prefer? A “normal” one ...
… or a pedelec? The choice is yours!

Bicycle rack for a CYCLE STAR

Wer als STADTRADLER-STAR an den Start geht, hat die Chance auf den Fahrradparker "Spacer" der Firma WSM im Wert von 170 € (Verlosung unter allen STADTRADLER-STARS). Bei diesem raumsparenden Fahrrad-Doppelparkplatz werden die Fahrräder sicher am Rahmen getragen – ideal für fahrradbegeisterte Familien oder fürs Zweitfahrrad.