What can be won?

Helping to create a liveable environment!

Because choosing to cycle rather than travel by car means that CO2 emissions are avoided, the first winners are of course the environment and climate along with all those living in the municipalities where there will be less traffic, fewer emissions and far less noise!

And if this is not incentive enough, then perhaps the many fantastic prizes kindly provided by our national supporters Ortlieb, ABUS, Stevens Bikes, Busch + Müller, Paul Lange & Co., WSM, Trekkingbike, Hebie and Schwalbe will help convince you!

As a municipal network, Climate Alliance awards prizes to the top three municipalities as well as the best newcomers (municipalities participating in CITY CYCLING for the first time with the best results) in the following categories at the end of the campaign:

  • Most active local parliaments
    (kilometres per parliamentarian in proportion to the total number of parliamentarians participating)
  • Most active municipalities with the most kilometres cycled (absolute figures)
  • Most active municipalities with the most kilometres cycled per inhabitant (average)

In the special CYCLE STAR category, prizes are raffled off among all of the CYCLE STARS.

And here are the prizes …

CITY CYCLING bicycle bags

The stylish waterproof “Back-Roller Urban Line” bicycle bag by Ortlieb has been manufactured exclusively for the CITY CYCLING campaign! It attaches securely to all standard bicycle panniers (max. diameter: 16 mm), allowing you to safely transport all essential items by bike. Making it the ideal bag for all municipal politicians and cycling enthusiasts on their (bike) journey to work!

The highest ranking municipalities will receive up to three bags worth €70 each. All CYCLE STARS will also be provided with a bicycle bag as an added incentive!

Bicycle computers for CYCLE STARS

All of our CYCLE STARS will receive an exclusive “Velo 9 CC-VL820” bicycle computer worth €20 from Paul Lange & Co. Featuring large digits and a clearly legible screen, all of the standard cycling stats are displayed, along with the calorie consumption and CO2 emissions avoided – helping to motivate CYCLE STARS to cover even more kilometres by bike!

Company pedelec for the most active municipal parliament

A very special prize awaits the best newocomer in the "Most active local parliaments" category, namely a top-of-the-range electric bike from Stevens Bikes worth approx. €2,500 featuring an e-bike drive system. The guaranteed built-in tailwind means there will be absolutely no more sweating! The pedal electric cycle, or pedelec for short, will go to the winning municipality for use as a company pedelec to enable as many people as possible to experience cycling an e-bike. Leaving no more excuses for not using a bike for business travel!

Top-of-the-range bicycle for one lucky CYCLE STAR

Every CYCLE STAR is a winner, which is why we will raffle off a top-of-the-range bicycle from Stevens Bikes worth €2,500–3,000 (according to availability) among all those participating in the special CYCLE STAR category! The lucky winner is free to decide whether they would like to receive a “normal” bicycle or a pedelec with an e-bike drive system. This amazing prize will leave everyone wanting to be a STAR of the CITY CYCLING campaign!

Which bike would you prefer? A “normal” one?
Or a pedelec? The winner really is spoilt for choice!

Bicycle rack for a CYCLE STAR

All those who sign up to participate in the CITY CYCLING campaign as a CYCLE STAR will be entered in the prize draw for a “Spacer” bicycle rack from WSM worth €167. Two bicycles can be attached securely to this space-saving double bicycle rack by their frame – perfect for your second bike or families with lots of bikes to store.

CITY CYCLING bicycle parking systems

The top municipalities are able to choose from the extensive range of high-quality, timeless bicycle parking systems offered by WSM worth up to €1,000 – where desired, they can also be provided in the CITY CYCLING design!

Bicycle locks

The most secure of bicycle parking facilities won’t help if your bike lock isn’t up to scratch! The “Bordo X-Plus 6500” folding lock by ABUS worth €130 is the perfect solution for your peace of mind. With features such as 5.5 mm steel bars, the ABUS X Plus cylinder with a hardened lock case, and special reinforced links, this lock ensures extremely high protection against manipulation. The total length of 85 cm will allow you to also securely attach your bicycle to fixed objects. The lock has an extra-soft dual-component coating to prevent damage to bicycle paintwork, meaning it is also ideal for securing top-of-the-range bicycles.

Bicycle helmets

These days, a helmet is not merely essential for safety but can also make a very stylish accessory. Which is why we are giving away sleek “Urban-I” bicycles helmets from ABUS worth €80 each as one of our many fantastic prizes. With individual size adjustment for optimal stability, 15 air inlets and 6 air outlets for great ventilation, and an integrated LED rear light for enhanced safety!

Bicycle lights

See and be seen! Excellent visibility is not only crucial during the CITY CYCLING campaign, which is why Busch + Müller has developed the smallest LED front light approved for road usage to date, the “Lumotec IQ2 Eyc”, and the “Toplight Flat” back light. For those who prefer to be able to quickly clip lights onto their bike, we have the bright and robust battery-powered LED front light, the “Ixon Core”, and what must be the lightest, smallest battery-powered LED back light, the “Ixxi”. Each sets of lights is worth €83.

Bicycle mudguards

The “SWAP SET” mudguards from Hebie worth €28 in a special edition featuring the CITY CYCLING design not only look great but help to ensure that cyclists always look good, too! Suitable for 26” to 29” wheels, the mudguards can also be attached to mountain bikes with suspension forks. Allowing you to use your bike for more than just leisure purposes – and to stay clean even when the weather is not so “fine”!

Cycling publications

Reading expands the mind – as does participating in the CITY CYCLING campaign! For it offers the optimal combination with a number of “educational opportunities”, all courtesy of Delius Klasing publishing house. A varied selection of publications worth €13–40 per copy can be won.

Bicycle tyres and air pressure gauge set

To ensure that the CITY CYCLING campaign does not fall flat, we are giving away “Marathon Plus” puncture-resistant tyres from Schwalbe. These extremely durable tyres provide lasting protection against the typical tyre destroyers – even drawing pins will fail to puncture the protective layer! To ensure your tyres also have the right pressure, the set worth €102 also includes an “Airmax Pro” air pressure gauge.