Handy and convenient: the CITY CYCLING app!

We’re releasing a brand-new CITY CYCLING app for the campaign! It will be available in stores from mid/late April (for Android and iOS systems), and offer improved functionality and a clearer design. There is now just a free version to track the kilometres cycled directly via GPS and add these to the totals for your team and municipality. Features include a number of different results overviews as well as a comment function to communicate with your team, e.g. to organise tours together or motivate one another.

The app as a planning tool for municipalities!

One further advantage of the new CITY CYCLING app: as part of the MOVEBIS research project in cooperation with the Technical University Dresden (TU Dresden), the kilometre data will be used to analyse bicycle traffic in Germany. This data will be made available to all municipalities participating in CITY CYCLING in the long term and retroactively, and serve as an additional tool for developing effective bicycle traffic policy. Thematic maps will provide insights into traffic volumes and speeds: which routes are cycled the most, where does traffic flow well and where do cyclists constantly have to stop at red lights, etc. Information will also be deduced on the (cycle) route’s surface using the vibrations detected by the smartphone. The more kilometres are recorded for the different user groups, the more conclusive the results will be!

Beside using the app, it is of course still possible to add kilometres cycled to the online cycling log manually.