Bad Rothenfelde

Contact information

Karl-Wilhelm Twelkemeyer
Leiter Hauptabteilung

Tel.: 05424 223160
bad-rothenfelde at

Gemeinde Bad Rothenfelde
Frankfurter Str. 3
49214 Bad Rothenfelde

Die Gemeinde Bad Rothenfelde participated in CITY CYCLING from 02. September to 22. September 2017.

Anyone who lives, works, belongs to a club or attends school/university in Gemeinde Bad Rothenfelde is able to participate in CITY CYCLING.

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Results overview

56 cyclists, of which 3 are members of the local parliament, have covered a total of 8.977 km by bike and therefore helped to avoid 1.275 kg of CO2 (calculation based on 142 g of CO2 per kilometre cycled).

This corresponds with 0,22 times the circumference of the earth.

Participants and results

Team and individual results

Team results – absolute

Team results – relative

Team with the most cyclists


Overall results

Overall results for the 56 participants active in 5 teams
Kilometres cycled
Week 1Week 2Week 3Overall results (km)
3.276 km2.506 km3.194 km8.977 km
CO2 avoided
Week 1Week 2Week 3CO2 avoided (kg)
465,2 kg CO2355,9 kg CO2453,6 kg CO21.274,7 kg CO2