Which municipalities participated
in CITY CYCLING in 2017?

The 2017 CITY CYCLING campaign in figures

Municipalities symbol 620 Participating municipalities
Cyclists symbol 222,097 Active cyclists
Parliamentarians symbol 3,737 active parliamentarians

CITY CYCLING in its 10th year

CITY CYCLING celebrated a milestone in 2017: the tenth edition of the campaign. Together, the participating municipalities and countless partners and supporters have helped to make CITY CYCLING the largest cycling campaign!

2017 was also a very special year for the bicycle itself: it was invented in Mannheim by Karl Freiherr von Drais exactly 200 years ago. To mark these special milestones, a goal of getting more than 200,000 people to participate in CITY CYCLING was set. This goal was far exceeded: at the final count, more than 222,000 cyclists participated in the campaign!

CITY CYCLING will take place for the eleventh time in 2018!
Municipalities will be able to register and teams and cyclists to sign up from spring 2018.

CITY CYCLING – cycling for a better climate

In 2017, CITY CYCLING took place for the tenth time and municipalities worldwide were also invited to join the campaign for the first time. CITY CYCLING has been developed by Climate Alliance, which is the largest network of cities, communities and districts committed to protecting the world’s climate with over 1,700 members in 26 European countries. Between 1 May and 30 September, local politicians and citizens cover as many kilometres as possible by bike during a three-week period to help protect the climate and promote cycling in their local area. The most active local parliaments and municipalities are sought, along with the best teams and cyclists within the municipalities themselves.

RADar! reporting platform

THE tool for improved cycling infrastructure!

One key development came in 2014 with introduction of the RADar! reporting tool, which participating municipalities are able to use at no additional cost as part of their local CITY CYCLING campaign. Cyclists can use RADar! to inform their local authorities of any issues or dangerous places in the cycling infrastructure quickly and easily via the CITY CYCLING app or on the website. Participating municipalities can use this tool as a complement to their existing road checks and at the same time provide an excellent opportunity for citizen participation. Allowing municipalities and their cyclists to work together to improve the cycling infrastructure!

Around half of the participating municipalities offered RADar! to their cyclists during the 2016 CITY CYCLING campaign!

RADar! now also available outside of the CITY CYCLING campaign period!

Municipalities are now able to offer the RADar! reporting platform to their cyclists outside of the CITY CYCLING campaign period or even entirely independently of the campaign – during the summer, for example, or even all year round.

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