CITY CYCLING 2020 is taking place!

CITY CYCLING will take place this year, though it will be slightly different to usual.

The German Federal Ministry of Health shares our opinion that cycling is the most sensible mode of transport for unavoidable journeys – whether to go shopping or to travel to work. In the current times, it is certainly a good alternative to public transport – and in many cases should be given preference over travelling by car.

Cycling at the same time enables physical exercise and offers opportunities for enjoyable trips out. This not only has healthy benefits, but may also help to relieve some of the monotony that the restrictions to public life bring with them – without any need for close contact with others. We don’t see any reason why these kilometres cannot then be added to the CITY CYCLING total afterwards and to have another opportunity to communicate with other people (at least digitally...).

We currently advise against combining CITY CYCLING 2020 with cycling tours, kick-off events or other activities that may bring a large number of people together. Award ceremonies should ideally be scheduled for the late summer or autumn – in the hope that the situation will have improved by then. To give municipalities a little more leeway to organise their local campaign period in line with the demands made by the coronavirus pandemic, we are extending this year’s CITY CYCLING campaign period until 31 October.

We would specifically like to emphasise that everyone should please adhere to the recommendations and guidelines of the official bodies in all assessments of the risk situation! We will inform you of any changes to CITY CYCLING 2020 on our website and in social media.

We wish you all the very best for the coming weeks and hope that we will be able to curb the spread of the pandemic as best possible through responsible behaviour.

Stay healthy!

at Climate Alliance


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