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Mühlheim am Main

CITY CYCLING from 02.06. to 22.06.2018

  • 19,370

    kilometres cycled

  • 3

    t CO2 avoided

  • 11


  • 93

    active cyclists

  • 3/45


Coat of arms/logo

Mühlheim am Main

CITY CYCLING from 02.06. to 22.06.2018

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Die Stadt Mühlheim am Main will participate in CITY CYCLING from 02. June to 22. June 2018. Anyone who lives, works, belongs to a club or attends school/university in Stadt Mühlheim am Main is able to participate in CITY CYCLING.

You can still register and collect kilometres for your municipality even if CITY CYCLING has already started in your municipality.

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Marcus Ruhr
Pressestelle und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Tel.: 00496108 601604
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Mühlheim am Main Mühlheim
Sport und Kultur
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63165 Mühlheim am Main



Results overview

93 cyclists, of which 3 are members of the local parliament, have covered a total of 19.370 km by bike and therefore helped to avoid 2.751 kg of CO2 (calculation based on 142 g of CO2 per kilometre cycled).

This corresponds with 0,48 times the circumference of the earth.

Participants and results

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RADar! in Mühlheim am Main

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Es ist nicht Deine Schuld, dass die Welt ist, wie sie ist.
Es wär nur Deine Schuld, wenn Sie so bleibt.

(Songtext-Zitat von Farin Urlaub - Deine Schuld)

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