RADar! reporting platform

For municipalities

RADar! for municipalities

CITY CYCLING municipalities have the option of using the RADar! reporting platform as an additional free planning tool enabling citizen participation: cyclists who sign up for the CITY CYCLING campaign can report potholes, tree roots, illogical routing, unnecessary chicanes, etc. by pinpointing these on a map – and, where desired, also include a comment and upload images – either online via the online cycle log or directly in the CITY CYCLING app. If a pinpointed location lies within the municipality’s boundaries/jurisdiction, they will be sent notification via email.

RADar! allows municipalities to improve the cycling infrastructure together with their cyclists!

If desired, reports can be grouped by subject and forwarded automatically to a pre-defined place/person (e.g. the urban planning department or road construction authorities), which will then review the report and take the necessary action.

Key functions in the municipal admin area

Report comments: begin a dialogue with local inhabitants by commenting on the reports received.

Report visibility: decide which reports should be publicly visible on the map according to their processing status.

Prioritise reports using urgency trackers (only possible if reports are publicly visible): cyclists are able to confirm existing reports if they wish to draw attention to the same problem so that these can be dealt with first.

Merge several reports: retain an overview by merging several reports that have been submitted for the same problem in the same place.

Different user profiles: local coordinators are able to create new users with different access and editing rights.

Report management: the processing status provides information on when a report was addressed.

Assignment of responsibilities: reports can automatically be forwarded to the place/person responsible for addressing them or responsibilities can be assigned in advance.

Email templates are sent to cyclists automatically by the system when a report is submitted or the processing status is changed. The texts of these email templates can be altered to suit and complemented with a personal signature.

The export function can be used to obtain reports in an Excel format.

RADar! for rural districts/regions

If a rural district/region wishes to offer RADar!, they are able to decide whether reports should be possible either for the entire rural district/region or for individual (or all) towns/communities in the rural district/region via their own individual RADar! function. Cyclists can then either submit reports for the entire rural district/region or exclusively for their town/community.

Registering for RADar!

The RADar! option can be requested during the municipal registration for CITY CYCLING.

If RADar! is only offered during the 21-day CITY CYCLING campaign period, access will cease to be available one calendar year after the first day of use.