My RADar!

Improving the cycling infrastructure together

You are invited to actively help improve the local cycling infrastructure! Simply add a report to the map or use the CITY CYCLING app while on the go.

It is only possible to submit reports for municipalities that offer RADar! (optional feature).
Reports are only possible for areas lying within your municipality’s jurisdiction, so for the darkened area within the marked boundaries.
Reports can only be submitted during the reporting period set by the municipality.

And last but not least:

If desired, municipalities have the option of offering RADar! to their cyclists for longer than the 21-day period or even entirely independently of the campaign. We are always delighted when a municipality decided (voluntarily) to use RADar!

Many municipalities have entered uncharted territory by offering such a planning and citizen participation tool. While you may feel that it is taking too long to process reports, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding – also on behalf of your municipality.

Many thanks!

Your CITY CYCLING team at Climate Alliance