RADar! reporting platform

Stand-alone version

RADar! reporting platform

stand-alone version, independent of CITY CYCLING

Municipalities are now also able to use RADar! beyond the CITY CYCLING campaign period as a stand-alone platform and to offer it to cyclists entirely separately from the CITY CYCLING campaign – throughout the entire summer or even all year round, for example. Municipalities are free to decide for themselves how long they wish to offer RADar! Licence fees are only payable if RADar! is made available to cyclists outside of the 21-day CITY CYCLING campaign period. RADar! remains free for CITY CYCLING municipalities otherwise!


A free RADar! app has also been set up for cyclists (for Android and iOS systems). We will also continue to offer the RADar! function for free within the CITY CYCLING app.


Municipalities can decide for themselves whether they wish to obtain a licence for RADar! for one or three years, with a discount available for a three-year licence. Climate Alliance members will continue to receive the usual discount on membership.