Your shortcut to the CITY CYCLING campaign

Smarter on the road with the CITY CYCLING app. You simply track your routes via GPS and the kilometres are credited to your team and your municipality. In the results overview you can quickly check who in your team is cycling how much and how you compare to other teams. In the team chat you and your team members can arrange joint tours or cheer each other on.

By the way: By using the app, you can also improve the cycling infrastructure in your local area!

Download the CITY CYCLING app:



The app is available in German and English.

Improve the cycle paths on your doorstep!

How does it work?
You ride your bike and collect kilometres via the app.
We evaluate the routes and deliver the results to your municipality.
Your municipality improves the conditions for cyclists with the help of our evaluations – so also for you!

You want it even more direct?
You can also submit RADar! reports via the CITY CYCLING app and inform your municipality directly about potholes, risky traffic management and other problems with the cycling infrastructure!

The app as a planning tool

Where are many cyclists regularly to be found? Where do things run smoothly and where do they have to wait permanently at red traffic lights? Where and why are certain cycle paths avoided and other routes preferred? Together with the TU Dresden and the start-up Cyface, we are looking for the answers to these questions in the MOVEBIS research project. Based on the routes tracked since 2018, we derive knowledge about cycle traffic in Germany. The results are visualized in so-called heat maps and processed in traffic quantity maps. This valuable information can be made available to municipal traffic planners in the participating CITY CYCLING municipalities in 2020. And of course: the more routes tracked, the more useful the results will be!

The RADar! reporting platform rounds this off. Cyclists are able to draw the municipal authorities’ attention to problematic and dangerous places along cycle routes via the CITY CYCLING app or via the Internet: Simply position a pin on the street map and provide a brief explanation of the reason for the report. The information is automatically forwarded to the responsible municipality which can then take the appropriate action.

Your data is safe

The collection and processing of data is in compliance with EU data protection standards. The data collected in the MOVEBIS research project is anonymised prior to the scientific evaluation and is used exclusively as non-personal factual data in the results.

Detailed information on the subject of data protection can be found here.

In addition to the app, it is of course still possible to enter the kilometres online.