Every participant in the CITY CYCLING campaign should use their bicycle for private and professional purposes as often as possible. In the special CYCLE STAR category, members of local parliaments or other public figures (e.g. (lord) mayors, town councillors, heads of public authorities, etc.) are specifically called upon to become so-called CYCLE STARS. The idea is for them to lead by example and to leave their car in the garage and instead switch to using only their bike for the 21-day CITY CYCLING campaign period. Please note that local coordinators are not able to participate in this special category. Since 2016, owning and using a car has no longer been a prerequisite for participation. If the CYCLE STAR does have a (company) car, this should be symbolically “stored” in a media-effective manner during the kick-off event, e.g. by parking the car in front of the town hall or another public space, covering it (on request, available from Climate Alliance), and surrendering their car keys to the (lord) mayor/district administrator in a sealed envelope or suchlike.

CYCLE STARS in the media spotlight

Where possible, local and/or national media partners should follow the CYCLE STARS’ progress during the campaign so they can provide regular updates on television, on the radio and/or in newspaper reports during the 21 car-free days. CYCLE STARS moreover commit to provide a statement and image for publication on the municipality’s campaign subpage at the start of the campaign and to personally write about their experiences as a new daily cyclist in the CITY CYCLING blog at least at the end of each campaign week. This can take the form of texts/images or video clips. The aim is to show others that life without a car is indeed possible and to encourage reflection on one’s own mobility behaviour. NEW in 2017: The final (and at least third) blog entry must be added at the latest by the end of the deadline for entering kilometres.

The incentive(s)

As an added incentive, all CYCLE STARS will receive a top-of-the-range bicycle computer worth €20 from Paul Lange & Co. for precise recording of the kilometres cycled. The bicycle computer can also be used to provide (photographic) evidence of the distance covered. Provided all of the requirements are met (see rules of participation), CYCLE STARS will be presented with a waterproof bicycle bag in the CITY CYCLING design from Ortlieb worth €70 at the end of the local CITY CYCLING campaign period. This can be conferred by the municipality at the local closing ceremony by way of thanks and in recognition of their commitment.

NEW in 2017:
The local coordinator must inform Climate Alliance of the CYCLE STARS due to participate in their municipality at least ten calendar days before the start of the local campaign to ensure that any bicycle computers and car covers requested will arrive on time. Registration is exclusively possible via the local coordinator’s CITY CYCLING user account up until the local campaign start date. However, please note that in the event of registration less than ten days before the start of the local campaign, Climate Alliance unfortunately cannot guarantee that the delivery will arrive in time.

Exception: CYCLE STARS, who previously participated in the campaign, will not receive an additional bicycle bag, however they will be entered in the prize draw along with all the other CYCLE STARS.

At the end of the campaign season, all CYCLE STARS to successfully complete the three-week challenge will also be entered in a national prize draw for fantastic cycling prizes, including a top-of-the-range bicycle from Stevens Bikes worth €2,500–3,000 (according to availability).

And last but not least …

When the 21-day local campaign period comes to an end, the municipality will publish details of the CO2 emissions avoided and kilometres logged by the bicycle computer.

Avoid using statements such as “Do without your car” in communication, as this tends to have negative connotations and entirely the opposite effect: instead make clear that doing without your bike means doing without climate protection, noise reduction, reduced fine particulate matter, active health promotion, more money in your pocket and ultimately more liveable municipalities – and this is what we want to make clear to people! Therefore, turn the message around and actively communicate the countless advantages of cycling and sustainable mobility! After all, positive statements on switching to using a bicycle should motivate without pointing any fingers!

For full details of the requirements and conditions for CYCLE STARS, please see the rules of participation.

Please note that the CITY CYCLING campaign concept is also available for download in the Resources section (PDF).